No.1 Mistake in Cold Calling

Jan 16, 2024

Here's what the number one mistake in cold calling sounds like:

"Hi, may I please speak to Seth Prezant?"

"Hello, I'm trying to reach Seth Prezant."

"Hi, I'm calling for Seth Prezant."

If I anwer the phone and you don't know it's me, Seth Prezant...then you don't know me!

And if you don't know me, chances are, I don't want to speak with you.


My brain immediately screams, "Stranger danger!!!" and subconsciously I feel I am about to have someone try to stick their hands into my wallet.

Everyone likes to one likes to be sold. If you tweak one thing this week to improve your cold calling outreach, please try this. And it's so simple.

"Hi Seth, how are you?"

That's right, go right in and assume the person answering the phone is the person you are trying to reach. One of 2 things will happen:

1. It will NOT be the person you are calling and they will simply correct you. "No, this is David. Seth is in a meeting, can I ask who is calling

2. If it is Seth, he will assume you both might know each other by the friendly and confident way you said, "Hello Seth".

His primal instinct to retreat will be lowered and the chances of having a conversation will increase.

But wait, there's more!

So what happens if you are calling Seth and Susan answers? (with a jovial tone) "Hi, wait, this doesn't sound like Seth." "No it's not (laughs), this is Susan, Seth's assistant. How can I help?"

Hope this Hikes your Sales!

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