Looking For Your Next Sales Role?

Mar 14, 2024

Looking for your next sales role? I can help get you hired.

1 in 8 full times jobs in the USA are sales roles.

Simply put...companies need sales people.

Even with AI entering the arena, people buy from people.

And the that means companies need people with PEOPLE skills to sell.

Sales organizations today are looking for what was once called, "soft skills".

Today they are not soft.

They are hard critical skills to find and you have are hired!

So what are these in demand sales skills and where do you get them?

One study scraped 20,000 sales job postings and the top five in-demand skills sales orgs are seeking today are:

1. Curiosity.

The ability and desire to learn about the market, industry, competitive landscape, and your customers' hidden needs stem from curiosity. It is what allows you to anticipate your customer's tomorrow.

2. Collaboration.

Being able to drive collaboration with complex buying organizations and diverse decision makers is a highly sought after skill. Understanding equal status selling and multi-threading will help land you a great sales role in today's market.

3. Adaptability.

Change is constant. The sales tech stack of 2021 is near obsolete in 2024. Markets change, economies change, org charts change, and even your sales manager will change. Being truly adaptable is a skill companies want to see.

4. Critical thinking.

AI and ML have brought a plethora of data to our fingertips. Understanding how that information translates into the customer experience requires critical thinking skills. Knowing a tomato is a fruit is called knowledge. Not putting it into a fruit salad is called wisdom. Critical thinking = Wisdom.

5. Active listening.

Everyone wants to feel seen and heard. With so much noise today, it's near impossible to even hear yourself. Sales people who learn and master the skill of active listening will be better communicators, problem solvers, and higher sales earners, like President-Club level!

So let's start now and listen carefully...

Sales companies are hiring for these people skills. If you got them, flaunt them.

If you don't, it's not too late to learn. 

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Looking For Your Next Sales Role?

Mar 14, 2024