You Will Suck At It

Jan 16, 2024

I sucked at sales. And that’s not all.

I sucked at walking when I was a few months old.

I sucked at riding a bike the first time I rode my Huffy.

I sucked at boxing my first time going 3 full rounds (and had the bloody mouth to prove it

I sucked at every single thing I first tried…and still suck at many things today.

Few people post images and stories of their failures - unless of course, it ends with the prize.

But you will never succeed at anything until you start at something

Brace yourself. Embrace the reality. Start something new!

You will suck at it.

You colored outside the lines.

You wiped out and ate dirt

You burned the salmon.

You calculated wrong.

You sucked...

But remember this one thing.

If you kept going, you did not fail.

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